Solar Solutions

​An Innovative Solar Energy Solution that Works for You
Alectra Energy Solutions (formerly Horizon Energy Solutions Inc.) leases industrial, commercial, and institutional rooftop space across Ontario to host solar

photovoltaic (PV) systems. Building owners earn long-term rental income from a Class 'A' tenant. With no capital or operating costs on your part, you can earn revenue, minimize your carbon footprint and become a leader in generating emission-free renewable power. Alectra also sells turnkey systems to building owners that prefer to own and operate solar PV power generation systems.
Alectra has "best in class" technology from leading Ontario content compliant suppliers, top-notch service, a fully warranted product and a secure revenue stream. Alectra's solar solutions offerings are adaptable to most roof systems and configurations.
Alectra is an award-winning leader in the energy industry with an established track record and a history of reliability, innovation and efficiency.


Working with Alectra means you Benefit

  • We make it easy for you. Alectra's solar PV system is a full turn-key solution. As energy professionals, we supply the expertise and technology.
  • Our landlords take on no additional operational or technical responsibilities.
  • We provide the technical know-how, project design, permitting, power sales, financing, technology, operation, and maintenance.
  • We ensure landlords generate risk-free income for the life of our worry-free solutions.
  • We help you shine by providing you with a physical demonstration of your commitment to the environment and sustainability.
  • We have the stability. With over 100 years of experience in the energy business, we bring deep knowledge, stability and community presence to your initiatives. We are a sector leader in power distribution, operations, conservation and sustainable development.
  •  The financial strength and stability of Alectra is behind all of our solar investments.


Alectra's solar accomplishments to date - A proven leader

  • In addition to our long history, we have made a commitment to be a significant market leader in Ontario's solar business. We have a successful track record of serving customers and are experts in the regulatory process and rules.
  • We have many rooftop projects under contract - the most by MW of any local utility company in Ontario


Find out More

To participate in Alectra's commercial solar rooftop offer, you ideally need a roof with 15,000 or more square feet. Optimal-size roofs are in the range of 20,000 to 100,000 square feet and larger.


Alectra's solar PV solutions offerings include:

  • Solar panel system engineering and design
  • Building modifications/requirements to accommodate renewable energy
  • Site control authorization
  • Utility interconnections
  • Community relations
  • Equipment supply agreements
  • Power purchase agreement structuring
  • Site planning and permitting
  • Construction management
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Internet accessible energy management and monitoring tools


The Process

There are five easy steps to become an Alectra partner.
Step One –- Initial Consultation:
  • No commitment required
  • Complimentary introduction to solar solutions offerings
Step Two - Formalizing Relationship:
  • Develop and sign a Letter of Intent
Step Three - Preliminary Site Inspection and Design:
  • On-site structural evaluation of facility
  • Customized plan to determine optimal racking system and PV array configuration
Step Four - Lease Agreement:
  • No capital investment required
  • Guaranteed income stream for 20 years
Step Five - Installation and Operation:
  • Safe and professional installation of solar PV system on your roof
  • Ensure your daily business operations are not impacted
  • Easily accessible Internet energy management and monitoring tools
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