Metering Services

Alectra Energy Solutions' (formerly Horizon Energy Solutions Inc.) Metering Services group offers extensive metering services to a wide range of customers. Our services are provided throughout southern Ontario to a number of large manufacturing companies, local distribution companies (LDCs), and generators.
In accordance with our ISO 9001 Registered Quality Management System, we ensure a high degree of quality and customer satisfaction in all work and our customer contact is performed. As well, all field operations are conducted by fully trained meter journeymen with years of experience in the trade. We ensure dedicated supervisory staff, support clerks, MV90 operators, and Engineers are allocated to support the processes and any ongoing maintenance requirements.
In addition to our high-quality workmanship, we also guarantee that the material we use meets or exceeds similar standards. For enhanced reliability, we ensure that only industrial grade devices are used. For installation longevity, we house all of the metering apparatus within a weatherproof, environmentally-controlled, stainless steel cabinet.
Our diverse selection of services includes:


In-House Meter Services

  • Sealing
    • Electronic
    • Electromechanical
    • Telemetering
  • Programming meters and metering devices
  • Meter module installations and upgrades
  • Acceptance and Compliance sampling
  • As-found testing facilities
  • Set-up and testing of device communications
  • Certification of circuit analyzers and field test equipment

Meter Service Provider Services

  • New installations and upgrades
  • Fabrication
  • Meter registration
  • Installation audits and inspection
  • Maintenance
  • MV90 services
  • MTR monitoring and Resolution
  • Wireless meter communications and solutions

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Alectra has provided metering solutions to address the Ontario Power Authority - Feed-in Tariff (FIT) Metering, as well as generation registered with the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO). We have solutions that address the generator, regulator, and governmental requirements. We have managed generator projects with output capacities ranging from kilowatts to megawatts.

IESO Registered Meter Service Provider

Alectra has led and been involved with numerous projects ranging from new facility registration and construction to existing meter point upgrades within and outside transformer stations. We have also managed the transition of MSP requirements from one MSP to another. All our meter work is performed using metering devices and test equipment that is industry approved and verified.

Meter Sealing Organization (MSO)

Through our Measurement Canada accredited meter shop, we offer meter repair, calibration, programming, reprogramming, and sealing services. The scope of our accreditation encompasses acceptance and compliance sample testing for both mechanical and electronic meters, as well as, 100-percent inspection. Using our in-house state of the art Electronic Meter Tracking System (EMTS), we ensure all meters are identifiable and traceable throughout the quality processes. In order to meet our clients meter testing needs, we maintain four state of the art Measurement Canada certified test consoles. Each console is equipped with ten positions. If, however, customer demand increases, we can easily add two additional test consoles to the increased sustain the increased output capacity. Our large warehouse areas and test facilities are all environmentally controlled in order to maintain meter integrity and accuracy throughout the meter processes. Since all our standards are traceable to NRC, we do offer recertification services for meter test equipment. We have a number of clients that currently make use of this service to maintain the yearly accuracy requirements of their meter test equipment.
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